A forest, with some burning creature in it. The image is blurry, as if the photographer was moving quickly. The fire is yellow, then white, then purple, then black - the colours of the nonbinary flag. Fog covers the area.

“Flaming Gender Monster” © 2021 Komi Amiko, published under CC-BY 4.0 | high quality version | download assets

What is this?

Some time ago, I conceived this image, the flaming gender monster - a motion-blurred image of a burning strange creature in a forest, with the fire in nonbinary flag colours. I had the day free today, so I made it happen.

Genre: Meme

This was made in Blender 2.91. I used some assets from HDRIHaven and TextureHaven, which are published under CC0. Trees are made with the Modular tree addon, which you will need if you are editing the file. I am publishing the Blender file along with all necessary assets. Feel free to make whatever with it.

Other news

I have one artwork in planning, involving something I call “exotic materials.” One of these days I’ll get around to making it. More talk on what exactly an exotic material is and why they interest me will be published alongside the artwork. That’s all I want to announce for now.

I revisited the Amiko hydras more recently. Whatever I was thinking of as I wrote the proof has long been purged from my mind, and my perspective now is closer to an outsider. Point 8, that sub-expression comparison is a well-quasi-ordering, is unproven. It’s certainly not obvious. Even if it is correct, at best, this is bad style, as I should have shown enough steps for a reader to follow and believe me. I don’t have any motivation to go back and figure it out right now, so until further notice or until someone challenges me on it, I will be leaving that behind and moving on to other things.

I have started a series of tournaments where people write AIs to play simple games. You can find it in the GitHub repository. This is a relaxed environment for people to learn programming and have fun. The current live game is Ricochet. I may write about it sometime.

I don’t publish posts here very often. It bothered me somewhat that the small slice of my life that is my blog may not represent me well. Though, I think I would prefer to continue picking content to publicize, as I currently do, rather than live my life in the open. I don’t even like every post I’ve made so far, though every time I considered removing a post, I concluded the less bad option was to keep it up for archival. Things will continue as they have been, on my site.